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Michael Lira is Chilean-Australian born composer and multi instrumentalist across many genres.

Founding member of experimental bands Darth Vegas and Vicious Hairy Mary and world music group Monsieur Camembert .

His most notable film scores include Matthew Reilly’s action packed Netflix hit Interceptor, Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead (2014) , Nekrotronic , Wyrmwood: Apocalypse  and Daniel Nettheim's -The Hunter (2011) Starring Willem Dafoe .

TV credits include Rebel Wilson's hilarious musical Bogan Pride, Rake (2013), The Slap (2012), Wild Boys  and The Einstein Factor (2004),

As MD and composer for live shows ,credits include ; Circus Oz,  live scores with Darth Vegas for Murnau's classic- Nosferatu (1922)  at the Sydney Opera house and the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of A Comedy Of Errors (2013) Cabaret show Club Swizzle and even a series of Joan Rivers performances at Sydney's State Theatre. 

   Latest projects include Netflix/Universal's Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, a stunning Imax documentary on elephants and an exciting new feature film by dark visionary Alex Proyas.















Michael Lira filmography on IMDB :

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